The Bargain Hunters Secret….SHHHH

Have you ever gone to a Garage Sale or an Estate Sale and wondered, “MMM I wonder if this is worth anything.” What do you look for when you’re out on the field enjoying the thrill of the hunt? Here are a few secrets you should know before you hit the Garage Sales this weekend.

Secret 1: Signatures, Logos & Brand Marks

The first and foremost secret is identifying the brand by locating the Signature a Logo or even a Brand Mark. In this day and age we all have smart phones so utilizing it is going to be crucial so make sure you download phone applications like eBay and Amazon so you can search for your items and remember charge your phone before the hunt.

The majority of the time you will find this underneath or behind the item but at times can be located elsewhere, be vigilant my friends and practice that of which we have very little, Patience.

Once you have found the brand or signature the next step is going to a search engine like Google or even the Amazon or eBay apps. Keep in mind that you don’t want to just search the brand name only, as this will populate your screen with everything they have ever made and not what you are looking for.

As an example here is this Penzo Bowl, These are hand made and painted in Zimbabwe Africa.





Bad Search: Penzo
In this example if you search on Google for Penzo, the very first link it will pull is Penelope Penzo’s Home page. This is not what you are looking for. Instead try adding keywords that come to mind like pottery, animals, colorful, tea pot, plate etc…

Good Search: Penzo Pottery Bowl Colorful
In this example you get more related links coming up and that is what you need.


Secret 2: Refine Your Search

You made it to your first estate sale and you find this beautiful penzo (pictured above) and now what? Well you take your phone out and fire up that eBay app and type in Penzo Tea Pot. What do you get? A whole lot of people wanting to sell you their Penzo Tea Pots, but here is the secret, “Refine Your Search.”

I have been guilty of this more times than I can count. I find this amazing item and everyone is selling their items really expensive so I get excited and make the purchase. Only to find out that the item isn’t worth what I paid. Had I Refined my search I would have seen what people are actually paying for the item.

Here’s how: On the eBay application you click on the empty field and you type in the item you are interested in purchasing and hit search. Then on the top left under the search field you will find an option named, “refine” click it. Scroll to the bottom and check the boxes for, “Sold Items” and “Completed Items” then click done. Doing this will give you a list of the items that have sold and will give you the price it sold for as well, giving you an idea of how much you can expect to make if you make your purchase.


Here is a list of some great sources on identifying Brands, Logos and Signatures:

Love to know – Identifying Antiques
Costume Jewelry Marks
Glassware Marks and Signatures
Pottery and Porcelain Marks


Have you found any worthwhile items on your hunt?

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